Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free White Persons, Free Colored Persons - 1840 Census

I am continuing to research the Gale family.  Those that are familiar with my work and books, know that I talk about the white slaves now and then.  Today, that history has been swept under the rug and in fact the SPLC denies the existence of white slaves (specifically Irish slaves).  Today, I found a most interesting piece of evidence that classifies "white" people as free or not as well as classifying "colored people" as free or not.  Furthermore, the classification was broken down by age and gender.

It is no wonder that many whites were abolitionists and as I've told you all along, "whites" were the first slaves in America and the West Indies.  Here is a screen shot from the census from ancestry.com (fair use is claimed).  It is absolutely unbelievable that this history is hidden and denied today.  It proves all along, the "Indentured Servant" stories are incorrect.  the "Indentured Servant" story is as credible as the "Happy Slave" story.  The real reason this history is hidden, in my opinion, is the truth of who ran the slave trades.

Screenshots from the SPLC website with false history:

When you get kidnapped from your home and your family killed (i.e. the Irish during Cromwell's time) and sent on a ship, beaten, and cast into slavery (servitude) without a choice or anyway home, and a never ending excuse for why you can't go, only to work sugar cane and tobacco plantations, you are a slave.  This doesn't even discuss the rape and buggery that went on, either. The cover up of history and the sugar coating of what really happened, is a real sore point to me and has to be addressed.   Even more kept quiet, are the violent fights between freed white slaves and black slaves in Barbados and the rest of the West Indies.  Both groups were purposely put against each other as they are today.   For now, I continue to uncover the past.

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