Haunting - Dole Mansion

Another old mansion (Crystal Lake) that is being rented out to artists and used for art/music shows and is said to be haunted is the Dole Mansion.  The Dole family (Charles Dole was a rich grain merchant) built the home that eventually was sold to a wife of one of the Ringling Brothers (Mrs. Lou Ringling).  She added on to the mansion.  Tales of ghost voices and footsteps are told about this old place.   The home was said to be built during the Civil War period and was used as a summer home for the Dole family.  The estate had over 1,000 acres of land overlooking the lake.  The mansion is a 3-story Italian villa with a tower on top.  Mr. Dole imported expensive European craftsmen to lay unique floors in the mansion.  He also maintained a racetrack on the property for his horses.

When I visited the mansion, my camera stopped working on the 3rd floor by the sink.  When I moved from the area, it continued to work.  Here are some pictures from the mansion that is still being renovated.


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