Friday, November 2, 2018

Pioneer School House

This old brick school house in Lake Zurich (built in 1913), was converted to apartments.  Many old buildings have been converted into apartments around the Lake County area.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Minute of Silence

A minute of silence listening to nature at Oak Ridge Marsh.  Enjoy.

Oak Ridge Marsh

Oak Ridge Marsh is a natural woodland and savanna habitat currently maintained by the Ancient Oaks Foundation in Lake Zurich, Il.  It consists of the trees that existed before Illinois became a state.  The area is located in Lake County, Illinois and is rich in history including that of Native Americans, Pioneers (pioneered initially by George Ela and Seth Paine in 1836), 1930s Gangsters, and modern day events.  The area surrounds Echo Lake and other marsh land waters.  I am still researching the area and have heard there was a quarry near the current forest land and there may be Native American mounds as well (still looking into this).  I went to visit in the summer and one has to be warned that there were mosquitos as it is a natural area as well as other animals present (I did see deer and possibly coyote footprints on the trail).

There are ample benches and a hammock to sit on and rest along with plenty of bridges crossing over creeks.  The area can get very thick with trees and bushes, so be prepared if you follow the entire trail path around the area.  I recently visited in the cooler fall weather and it is simply beautiful.  Here are some photographs from my visit.