Thursday, July 12, 2018

Historic Long Grove

The town of Long Grove has seen a lot of changes lately.  Many of the old farm houses and barns were converted to businesses.  Today a new conversion is taking place and the town is rejuvenating itself with new restaurants and microbrewery pubs.

Unfortunately, the historic bridge was damaged recently by an accident.  Still, the quaint town is worth a visit and especially during one of their festivals such as strawberry festival, chocolate festival, Irish festival, and apple festival.

Deerfield Historical Society

I went to visit the Deerfield Historical Society this weekend.  They had moved several pioneer homes to one site.  The oldest was the Caspar Ott one-room log cabin  home from 1837.

I took several photographs and some video.  The video has some secrets revealed about the old homes.  Please enjoy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Lady Mysteries

I've always wondered how hard it was to use the bathroom during Victorian times due to the dress and undergarments worn by women during that time.  I've found the answer via a woman who made youtube videos about the time period.  Here are the answers: