Lake County Timeline

Millions of Years Ago - Lake County Under Water.

Fossil Record Gap.

2 million years ago to 125,000 ya - ice ages.

300,000 - 125,000 ya - Illinois Glacial Episode.

25,000-13,500 ya Wisconsin Glacial Episode.

12,000 years ago - End of Ice Age.

12,000 - 10,000 years ago - Paleo Indians lived in Lake Barrington by the Fox River.

4000 years Ago - Archaic Indians.

1500 to 800 years ago - Mound Builder Culture - Mississippian Culture.

400 years ago - Historical Native Americans.

1492 - Columbus is credited with "discovering" America.

1619 - Twenty captured African slaves brought to the colony at Jamestown, Virginia to work alongside "indentured servants."  It is unclear as to whether the Africans were considered "slaves."

1635 - Black indentured servant, Antonio Johnson who was sold to the British by Arab slave traders, gains his freedom and goes on to purchase slaves/indentured servants of his own after buying a large farm in Virginia with his black wife who also gained her freedom.

1641 - Puritans codified slavery.

1649-1659 - Oliver Cromwell conquers Ireland and kidnaps Irish men, women, and children and sends them to the colonies as slaves via the Rebel Act of Attainder.  The Penal laws are enacted.  Current history refuses to admit that the Irish were brought as slaves but continues to refer to them as Indentured Slaves even though they were kidnapped and sold as slaves to plantations in Barbados, Montserrat, and the colony of Virgina.

1683 - Irish slaves thrown off slave boat due to shortage of food en route to the colonies testified by Thomas Rous, a survivor of the trip (350 white slaves left for the colonies and only 80 arrived alive).

March 13, 1804 - Gardner Gale born in Barre, Vermont.

1829 - Gardner marries Sophronia Smith.

Jan 30, 1832 - George Gale is born and dies.

1832- Black Hawk War.

Jan 20, 1833 - Clara E. Gale born.

1830s - Pioneers head to Illinois

1834- 1st "white man" in Lake County, Illinois

May 11, 1836 - Sophronia Gale born and dies

May 17, 1836 - Sophronia Smith dies.

Oct 11, 1837- Gardner marries Louisa Williams

Nov. 10, 1838 - Cordelia A. Gale born

May 01, 1840 - John W. Gale was born in Plainfield, Vermont

May 25, 1842- Henry Wallace Gale was born in Windham, Vermont.

August 13, 1844 - Louisa H. Gale born.

Sept 2, 1846 - Emma S. Gale born.

August 2, 1850 - Ella E. Gale born.

1853 - Gardner Gale enters Illinois from Vermont with family.

1861 - Civil War starts.

August 27th, 1862 - H. Wallace Gale enlists in 92 IL US INF.

Feb 16, 1863 - H. Wallace Gale dies of Typhoid Fever in Nashville, Tennessee and is now buried at Nashville National Cemetery.

April 2016 - Rita Jean Moran walks into Volo Antique Mall and has a strange paranormal experience and begins her research into Volo and the surrounding area.

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