Haunting - H. Wallace Gale - Volo

I was compelled to research and write about the haunting at the Volo Antique Barn in the fall of 2016. It wasn't just a ghost but it was about a person who wanted to live his life but was cut down at the age of twenty during the American Civil War.  His name was Henry Wallace Gale and his family owned the dairy farm that the Volo Auto Museum now sits on.

Here are some pictures from my book about Henry Wallace Gale (H. Wallace Gale) regarding my experience with something in the antique barn in Volo, Il.

Photo including image of a man that was not present or behind me in that antique mall or aisle superimposed in the painting and above my reflection - from my 1st visit.

Orbs caught on film in 2nd visit.

There were other things photographed and experienced that I write about in my book.  Check it out.

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