Friday, April 14, 2017

Volo Women Got a Little Rowdy

The old Newspapers tell the tale of several Volo women (five total) running a woman suspected of attempting to commit adultery with another woman's husband out of town.  The women were fined in court after being arrested.  One of them was Lovina Cook (the wife of A.J. Raymond).

Five women rode Mrs. John Richardson (Minnie Richardson) on a rail and dumped her into a mud puddle.  After that they threatened she would get worse if she did not leave Volo.  They did not like her relationship with William Dunnill, her brother-in-law.  Each woman paid $28.11 for court costs and faced a $100,000 damage suit.

Courtesy and Belvidere Daily Republican 05 Jun 1914, Fri.

A judgement of $1500 was entered against the defendants.

Courtesy and Republican-Northwestern 14 Sep 1915, Tue.

The defendants were:  Lovinia Cook-Raymond, Mrs. Mary Lusk, Ann Stadtfeld, Emma Stadtfeld, Mary Sabel, and Alma Walton.  Mrs. Raymond died before the case was finished and her estate fought the judgement and appears to have not been forced to pay the judgment.

Four of the women convicted were grandmothers.

Courtesy and the Pittsburgh Press, 03 Dec 1913  (left picture above is photo of Mrs. Richardson, the victim).

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